The Post Script

Monday, May 31, 2010

What it means to be a band

I, Abe Shanehsaz, witnessed a true spectacle of music last Thursday. On May 27th, I witnessed a miracle. I saw an incredibly talented band play perfectly, to a crowd that was far too small, then get rained out. Whats better, was at this show where the cover was $10, and only maybe 250 people were there (this band is from Hawaii btw... so that's not nearly enough money for them to break even...) and the weather crapped all over their gear, they were not only still happy to be there, but continued playing!!! Any other band (and I can honestly say I've been guilty of this before) would have said... "FUCK IT!!! We flew out here, nobody gives a shit, and now its raining on us!!! We're done!! Sorry everyone... go home!" But no, they worked with the venue to move the show inside, and played acoustic for the next hour and a half with their fans circled intimately around them in what became a total basement party at the Rathskellar.

The band I'm speaking of is the Animal Liberation Orchestra, and if you haven't checked them out, you certainly should. ( The band consists of keys, drums, bass, and guitar, and everyone in the band sings. And they truly blew my mind with how far out of their way they went to make sure that their fans were happy. I was incredibly inspired at the odds they overcame with ease and still delivered an awesome show and were still happy and excited to be playing.

Kudos ALO. That show will never be forgotten by anyone in that room.


Friday, May 7, 2010

Pay It Forward With Music

Hey guys,
So I just had this cool idea. A good friend of mine was listening to Seasons Change in her car (pretty loud :) )when someone asked who she was listening to and where they could get a copy... she proceeded to give them HER copy in order to share The Post Script love! So I started thinking.... We want to start a "Pay it Forward with Music" campaign...

ANYWAYS, to make a long story short, we are going to start giving free CD's to anyone who bought one, and gives it to a stranger who wants a copy! All you need to do is write your story about giving away your CD on your facebook wall and tag us in the story! As long as the story ends up on our wall at then we will get ahold of you about getting you another FREE copy!! Did you already give your copy away and don't have one? Still write the story on our wall, and we will get you one!

So, pay it forward, and give those CD's away... cause you can just get a brand new one!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Summer Time

Hey all,

It is officially summer, class is out, the class of 2010 is finished with school forever, and summer concerts are underway! The Post Script is pumped to begin booking the summer months, and will be announcing a SICK line up at the Rock Lobster very soon.

Otherwise, festivals, festivals, concerts, and festivals are coming back to the midwest!! With SpringFest already a huge success, Wuhnurth, Knollfest, and many more on the way... this summer is shaping up to kick some serious ass. Also, Verizon and the White River Lawn are looking to be pretty sick this summer too. ALSO, the Animal Liberation Orchestra (one of my all time favs) is coming to the Rathskeller this month on the 27th!!!

Of course, we are playing this Saturday at Lizards on the south side... check out "" for show details.