The Post Script

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Money Situation...

Well its never fun to say...

But it would appear that Suzanna (the vanna) has seen better days. She wouldn't start this morning, and I fear the worst. I am afraid she might need more work under the hood, and can't bear the thought of not driving her until it gets warmer. Keep poor Suzanna in your prayers.


Monday, December 21, 2009



So it has been a very hot minute since we have written anything on here!

First and foremost, the album is finished, mastered, and we are raising money to duplicate it! As soon as we have about $2,000 we will be able to press em' and get them out to you!!!!

Second... Suzanna (the van) is in sour shape. The timing belt squeals, she's eating coolant, and we just had to replace the front brake pads and calipers. Also... she's been having some transmission slips! We are waiting to fix everything until after the album is done, so pray that she survives!

Finally, we are starting up a new year with lots of plans :) Now that the album is done, we plan to be playing in a town near you much more often!

I guarantee I forgot a lot of stuff, but don't you worry, I'll be back soon to fill you in.


Monday, August 31, 2009


Yo dudes,

Weeeeeellllllllll, we are back at home from the tour Matt is back at work, Abe and Andy are back at school, and I am here at home working on booking, writing this thing, and being unemployed! YAY for unemployment!! You know you always say you wish you didn't have a job until you don't have a job and are just sitting in your house all day, that's why things like Blogging become popular, people (like me) with to much time on their hands. SO I don't know about the other guys, but I am finally getting used to being home and not on the road. . .which means that I'm ready to be back on the road! HAHA! Oh man, the irony of it all! When you're out you can't wait to get home and back in your own bed, then when you are finally back home, you get restless and start working towards getting back out on the road! Oh well, we signed up for this. . .

A little good (hope so anyway) news. I talked to Eric, (Our Producer), a little while ago and he said he would have the next 2 weeks, this was about a week ago, to focus on our album and get it mixed and ready for us to critique! that means it will be ready for mastering, then duplication!! Once we get that done, you can all finally see what we have been working on for the last year. . .we hope you appreciate how much it will mean to us to finally have the finished product in our hands, and be able to put it in yours! after all this time it will hardly seem real. The only thing that could mess up the dream at that point would be if we got our first thousand copies in and had miss spelled our band name or something on the front of it! That would just figure right? Don't worry though, I think we can handle it. At this point we can handle just about anything that comes our way, as long as it means FINALLY getting this album done.

So anyway, it's good to be home and to get to see all of our friends and family again, we love you all, we just can not wait to get this album done, and then to be able to get back out on the road with a product in our hands so we can actually start to spread our music around and get some money to make T-shirts, and other cool stuff. So wish us luck, hopefully we can have this thing done in less than a month!

~Peace, Love, and Good Vibrations~


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The end of the tour!

Hey dudes and dudets,

So, what a time we have all had in the last few weeks. . .what a time. The south potion of the tour went VERY well, we got a lot of people on our mailing list, sold a ton of merch, had successful shows pretty much the entire time, and had no car/trailor problems. . .the second half. . .well, let me go ahead and recap. . .

So we start of with a fun show in Cincinatti, OH where we play well, but, I am suffering from food poisoning, but my motto is everything that starts of bad, ends up good, so I was in decent spirits. At the end of our first show, some asshole from the band after us yells at us to hurry and get our stuff off of the stage, so his band can get on stage and proceed to do awful punk versions of 2-Pac songs, sorry guys, I bet the audience just couldn't wait to hear 2-Pac die again! Poor guy was probably rolling over in his grave, but maybe I'm being harsh, they obviously have a reason to rebel, God made them idiots, so they will show the world with their Hip Hop Punk just how angry they are at their short commings!! Take THAT society!

Anyway, next we head to Rochester, NY where we have a really fun acoustic set and get a great place to stay complements of Andy's friend Jen, THANKS JEN!! :-) We also meet up with Mike Lombardo, get some good chicken wings, have some laughs, and so on. It was a good night, things were going well so far. . .then we get to New Jersey.

The Wyndham Hotel in Newark, New Jersey is where the shit goes down. If you're ever in town, do yourself a favor and choose another hotel, the people here have no trouble charging you full for your room after you lose thousands of dollars worth of equipment and have your trailer and Van Vandalized, thanks for the stay guys! (On a side note, I am pretty sure Satan was born in Newark, like 95% sure.) So at this point, we are still able to pull ourselves together and play 2 successful nights at Kenny's Castaways, which is a great club, read the preceeding blog to get a full rundown on the events of those nights, the first night was not one of MY better nights, but Matt and Brian met John Popper from Blues Traveler, so that was cool. . .I just ended stumbling through a couple covers I didn't know with the band that played after us. HA! It was hilarious, but also pretty embarassing I must admit.

Next show in Lewiston, NY gets cancelled because we have to deal with the incompetent staff at the Wyndham and try to squeeze some amount of compensation out of them since their "security" (I say that lightly) staff screwed up and didn't happen to see people carrying away tons of equipment from our van, BANG UP JOB ASSHOLES! :-) So, we spend that day driving to Alfred where we are treated to a great dinner, and amazing hotel accomodtions courtesy of our good friends Mike and Michelle Green, the owners of The Hott Spot! Which is a new tanning salon in Alfred that is pretty cool actually, I don't frequent tanning salons, but, it seems like a cool place. The show wass awesome and hilarious at the same time, we had an outside show with a dance floor of sorts right in front of the stage where a bunch of painfully underage kids, and adults were getting drunk off their asses and dancing and giving us more entertainment then we were giving them! Oh what a show, we got rid of a bunch of merch, met a lot of cool people, and. . .in all honesty it ended up being the only redeeming night of the entire second half of the tour.

Flash forward to Cleveland Ohio, later on the next day. Andy and Matt have been complaining that they have to pee for nearly 2 hours, so, even though we have plenty of gass to drive a hundrerd more miles or so, we stop. During refilling the tank, Abe just happens to walk back to the trailor and to all of our dismay looks down and sees that the A-beam of the trailor has rusted through and snapped, literally about 50 miles more and we would have caused a pile up due to our trailor flying loose from the back of the van. . .so thank god andy and matt almost pissed their pants, or we very well may have been dead and that would have just topped off the second half of this tour. Thanks to Andy's dad for making the 4 hour drive to come help us bring our equipment back home, and oh did it ever suck, but we had our revenge on Traylurch anyway!

We DESTROYED that thing, with the condition it was in, there was no way we were going to be able to get it home, so we decided abandoning it was the best course of action, but not only did we abandon it, we took 2x4's to it and destroyed the walls of it, and Abe, Brian, Konner and i all covered it in Urine and threw the bearing grease all over it, sorry to whoever's gas station we left this thing at, but uhhhhhh, yea, at that point we had to destroy something, and you were just unfortunate enough to have our trailor break down when we stopped at your station, Hope you guys can end up getting more use out of that piece of crap then we did at least!! Bye bye Traylurch, you were a horrid trailor and we won't miss you.

So what do we learn from this friends, never leave your gear alone in Newark, Never expect hotels to have souls, and if you have a problem, (Like a broken Trailor), piss all over it and leave it for the good folks in Cleveland, OH to deal with! At least we still have a show today in Nashville, that should raise our spirits. HA! Ohwell, live and learn right? We can only hope next time we are a bit more prepared.

~Peace, Love, and Good Vibrations~


Friday, August 21, 2009

Hucklebucking Bamboozle

Hi Guys,

Sorry it has taken me a few days to post a new Blog, but, if you are close to us, then you already know why. We got straight HUCKLEBUCKED at our stay at the Wyndham hotel in Newark, but, our friend Mr. Mike Green is back to take us out to dinner so I am going to get a shower and Abe is going to tell you of the last few days events! later guys!

Well... everything started off great in Newark. Then as we awoke at the crack of noon on our day off, we made a venture out to check on our trailer and low and behold... it was cracked into and our equipment had been sorted through. The thieves went for the perfect blend of value and portablility. They took our power amps, mixer, and monitors. Basically all of the expensive stuff that could be easily carried to their getaway car on the highway. Much to our disappointment, the hotel was far less than helpful in our attempt to get any means of investigation started. BUMMER.

On the bright side... New Yorkers dig The Post Script! Our two nights at Kenney's Castaways were amazing! We met a lot of cool people, made some new friends, and had some great food! Blain had a really fun experience the first night we played at Kenny's! The band that played after us, Jason's Jam band, asked Blain to come up on stage and sit in on a couple songs he didn't know! HAHA! Needless to say, he fumbled through the songs, but came off the stage a little red in the face! But we had a fun time foooooooooooor sure. The second night we played, Matt's uncles John and Pat came out to see us! It was great to see another familiar face in an unfamiliar place! So thanks guys, and thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed seeing the show!

So, anyway, we will have come back from this tour with some great shows under our belts, the last of which will go on later today courtesy of our new friends Mike and Michelle Green, some really fun walks through New York, New Orleans, Nashville, and so on, but without a PA. . .so that justs means everyone needs to buy 2 copies of the CD instead of one so we can afford to replace everything!! :-D well, once we finally get this damn thing out anyway. lol Anyway, thankyou guys so much for reading, and for your constant support!

~Peace, Love, and Good Vibrations~

Blain and Abe

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New York

Hey guys!!

So we had a great first couple of days over here in New York. The first show we played was an acoustic show at Boulder House Coffee in Rochester, NY, where we met up with our friend Mike Lombardo and got a place to stay from Andy's friend Jenna Owens. Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much Jenna, You really saved our lives that night by giving us a place to stay. HA! we had a great time. . .but never did get to have a Garbage plate, not that we regret that one. There is definitely some interesting food over here! lol! So the show went really well too, not a huge crowd, but I feel like we played well and we got some video of an acoustic show for the DVD.

The next night, yesterday, we played at Kenny's Castaways. We played really good show that night, great venue, great sound, met some new friends, and actually re-met some guys from the band FEFF who we played with in Gainesville! What a great time, both bands that played with us that night, well the first guy who played was an acoustic solo act named Steven Mars. The next band as great too, they had me come up and sit in on bass, but unfortunately. . .they had me play a couple songs I didn't know soooooooooooooooooooo, I found it quite laughable! lol it's pretty embarassing to be put on the spot like that, so I found out! HAHA! The couple drinks I had didn't really help the situation either! lol Oh well, 1 more night to show them what I've got!

After the show we all went walking around New York, Matt and Brian met the harmonica player/lead singer of Blues Traveler! His name is John Popper and he gave Matt some great advice, "Don't take advice from anyone, because no one is in your shoes." Wise words. . .or maybe just a cheap cop out for lack of good advice to give, YOU DECIDE. I however ended up getting propositioned for sex by a homeless woman in Jersey! HA! I couldn't believe how low the going price was. . .*Shivers* So yea, fun fun first night in New York, Let's see how the second night goes!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

2nd leg of the tour (A new Beginning)

Hey guys,

SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONS! Matt would like to say hello to everyone and tell them that he is having quite the time on our HUGE WORLD WIDE TOUR! (That we haven't told you we're on) okay, so. . .our tour of the midwest, South, and the East coast, but that is just as cool as an amazing bad ass orld tour right. . ? Yea. . .okay, next subject!

So thanks to everyone who came out to see us while we were coming back through home! We had a couple great shows and got to see everyone we love and miss! I also got to have my 21st birthday at home with my family which was awesome! I got a bit toooooooo much on my 21st though, which was unfortunate, if you want to hear stories, don't ask me, I don't remember them! HAHA! but yea, those times are over, we are back on the road and just got done with our first in cinncinati, OH. It was a really fun show for sure, but the band that played after us was pretty shitty when we went over our time, even though it was only for about 3 or 4 minutes over! HA! sorry guys, we just love to play our music. The bar tenders were really cool guys though, they also made some pretty good Cheeseburgers! We would also like to welcome our friend Conner to the second half of the tour, he will be taking lots of pictures and filming all of our fun adventures and such so keep an eye out for that!

ANYWAY, we are staying in a hotel tonight, in Ohio, and will be on our way to New York tomorrow, so wish us luck on that trip, and I will keep you updated on how everything goes. Talk to you guys soon!

~Peace, Love, and Good Vibrations~


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bye Bye Alabama!

Sup everybody,

Blain here again with another update from the road! Hope everyone has been having a good last couple days, I know we have! They have been pretty intense to say the least. We had a show both days, which I will get to in a few minutes, but first thing is first, We finally got a day at the beach, the good news, we weren't the most pastey guys out there! There were some people you couldn't even look at with out going Blind. . .the bad news, none of us got sunscreen so we left a lot redder than we cam, which yes, hurts like HELL when you where a bass on your shoulders for 4 hours afterwards! I thought I was going to cry at the show that night, and now I have all this nasty peeling on my shoulder where my strap was and god, it's bad. But, before I start to tell you about things you don't want to hear, I will stop. :)

The first of the shows after New Orleans (BEST TOWN EVER!!) was our second night at The Hangout. This was most definitely a make or break gig for us. Since we came to the table with all originals the first time we had 2 days and we packed learning 12 covers into 2 days! SOMEHOW, big somehow, We have no Idea how we did it, (We must not suck as much as we thought!) We actually did some cool songs, We did What I got, by Sublime, Fortunate Son, by CCR, Why Dont we do it in the Road, by The Beatles, Hard to Handle, The Black Crowes Version, and Semi Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind, just to name a few. Hopefully we can remember them well enough to come home and play them for you guys and not suck! lol So we ended up blowing the roof off of the place, We saw some friends from back home AGAIN! a lot of people from Indiana must come down to Gulf Shores a lot. lol I also saw some good friends of mine from down there in Foley, it was cool to them again for sure. We ended the show with an invite to come back for a music festival from the owner and sold a ton of Merch thanks to Alec and Brian pushing stuff like crazy. They really are a lot more useful than they look! :)

The next night we played at Hopjacks in Pensacola, which, as you know if you have been reading my blog posts, means 1 thing. . . STEAK PIZZA!! We had a second night of the best pizza in the world, and another roof blown three stories higher. We learned that Hopjacks is trying to turn into a national chain now, so look for a Hopjacks coming near you! We were all talking about how amazing it would be to travel the Hopjacks circuit and go through a ton of states playing at Hopjacks and eating that pizza every day!!!! OMG, we could come back really fat thats for sure. hahaha! We also learned from the manager there that they are turning the building newt door into a venue for national touring bands, it will seat about 5000 people and they said they would love to get us in as an openner! See guys, these are the reasons we go on these little trips we call tours. We meet great, nice, and helpful people, get to show our music to hundreds of people who would never get to hear it otherwise, and get lots of good food and drink! :) It may be a lot of work, but it sure beats a day job! HA! Well, wish us luck tonight in Nashville, I will be back soon to tell you how it all went.

~peace, love, and good vibrations~


Monday, August 10, 2009


hey guys!

Blain here, hope everyone is doing as awesome as I am right now! (Not even to speak of the rest of us.) We are on ouor way home for New Orleans. . .wow, what a town! It was the first time we were able to get some BAD ASS cajun food, and the first time we have been able to walk around that amazing town! The architecture is out of this world, the art is amazing, there is a new band to be seen at EVERY bar you walk by/ It a town that is amazing enough to have an entire Dave Matthews album written about it, and may end up having a Post Script album written about it as well.

We got a crazy suprise upon our arrival as well! Our good friend Rob Coleman from Red Moon (an awesome band, check them out). and his girlfriend had flown down to New Orleans to go on vacation and come see us play! Needless to say, it was a very pleasant surprise to see a familiar face in such an unfamiliar town. Unfortunately Traffic was so bad in Gulf Shores duee to everyone leaving for home that we were held back and unable to make our in-store show at the Louisiana Music Factory, BUT! We did end up walking around in there and checking out their selection of bad ass local New Orleans Music. (Best Jazz Selection EVERY!!)

Rob and his girlfriend were also nice enough to show us around town and take us to an AMAZING retaurant that's name escapes me, but the food was OUT OF THIS WORLD! Alligator sausage, Jumbalya, Gumbo, all the Cajun food you could ever hope for or want. Not only that, but, the nostalgia of visiting and playing in the Birth place of Jazz was again was overwhelming! Plus, a friend of ours named Jeff, from the last time we came down here showed up at the bar sporting a sexy ass Post Script shirt! Kudos to Jeff for his good fashion sense! HA!

So over all, today was a great day! We had a few drinks with some old New Orleans friends, a couple unexpected friends from back home, Andy got a couple cool Latin CD's and a Conga lesson from Rob, and we played a really good show at The Banks Street Bar. (Even though we missed out on our in-store at the Louisiana music Factory.) We definitely played better at this show then at any show prior. Things are going well, and we can only hope that they will continue to get better! Anyway, Have a Great day everyone, I will keep you posted on all our upcoming adventures and so forth! Make sure to tell your friends and family to sign up and follow this blog, and us along our adventures in the south and on the East Coast! Talk to you all soon!

~Peace, Love, and Good Vibrations~


Sunday, August 9, 2009

B-man here again,

So, just got done with the 4th show into the tour, it is nearly 4 in the morning and we are going to wake up in a few short hours and be on our way New Orleans!! Things are still going really well! Tonight was by far our best show playing wise, I think we will all agree on that, and we got some tastey ass Hop Jacks pizza with steak on it. . .ooooooooooooh ya. I have been having dreams about that pizza ever since we played at the Hop Jacks in Pennsacola last March, and it was everything i had hoped for. :-)

So by now we are all gettin really into our games of Catch Phrase on the rides to our shows and stuff. It is amazing how addictive that game can be! hahaha! We have all gotten pretty damn good at it too. . .except Matt, he seems to just be generally awful at describing things. Ha! sorry Matty, sad but true. hahaha! Tomorrow will be our first long drive to a show though, so he will have plenty more time to practice, as will we all!

So a recap of the last couple shows, The Hangout was fun and we got coupons for 80 dollars of free food which we used earlier on today. . .sooooooooo good, if you're ever in Gulf Shores, get a cheeseburger at the hangout, its 9 dollars, but, it is probably the best cheeseburger you will ever have. We did walk away from that show with the realization that we need to learn some covers though. Believe it or not, people in Gulf Shores and these other places have never heard of us! I know! I didn't see it coming either! So, they want to hear some songs they know and can sing along with. . .gosh, guess you have to give the people what they want huh? oh the entertainment biz, what a hard job. ha! So, needless to say we have spent the last couple days before shows learning and practicing some cover tunes we will try out this monday. Wish us luck, we will also bring some of them home to show our friends and family back up in Indiana if you are really nice and say please! okay you don't have to say please, but geeze guys learn some manners!

The next show was at The Office Lounge, a small bar right across the street from where we are staying. We played half acoustic, half electric and it was a blast really, we met some cool people and they enjoyed a good show, made our money and went home. Not too eventful of a night, especially when compared to tonight!! Mobile is a cuhrazy town! The was a trio playing outside of hopjacks with a Saxophone player, Tuba player, and a drummer, and they were tiiiiiiiight! We watched them during set breaks and they did some instrumental michael Jackson stuff! Everyone was out sporting Phat Rides and 20 inch rims, and we saw a dude hit on a transvestite without realizing it and freak out HARDCORE when he realized it was a he/she! One of the funniest things that has ever happened! lol!

The show was really cool too, we played up on the 10 foot high balcony above all the people eating! the annoying part was ALL of our equipment up the narrow stairs ( did anyone catch that reference? :)) to the balcony, the were spiral stairs too which made it even worse! ugh, the things we have to do for music and money! lol But yeah, what a fun night, and a fun last few days, just a few more ahead of us and we will be back home to entertain our close friends in Indiana, then of to New York!! Can't wait to see you guys! I am going to bed! I gots to get a bit o' sleep before the drive to "Norlins tomorruh."

~Peace, Love, and Good Vibrations~


Thursday, August 6, 2009

First Show, first day, First Long ass drive

Hey Guys,

So the trip has begun! It started well, Matt has already cut his finger, Brian somehow managed to cut himself getting out of the Van, and Alec, a good friend of mine who has come along to give us another helping hand on the trip, has a toe that is snapped in half, while andy, Abe, and myself are still unharmed. . .(knocks on wood)! Things are already looking up for us Post Script boys on this little tour of ours and we can only hope that they continue to get better and better as the days and miles continue to fall behind us.

The trip down here was really uneventful, save my phones mysterious disappearance, reappearance, and a couple really intense games of Catch Phrase, which Andy and Abe are apparently masters of, and seem to think the game should be an Olympic event. Ha! But, I was keeping score so. . .my team won! :-) (Don't ask the other guys they might not agree)

We ended up getting into the hotel at almost 7 o'clock yesterday, August 5th, and after 16 hours of driving and only having sandwiches to eat, Minus having gotten subway all the way back up in Indiana, the free (FREE) breakfast they had available here was AMAZING! Abe just kind of made a sandwich and passed out, (Pansie ha!), but the rest of us took advantage of the waffle irons and muffins and stuffed ourselves with Belgian waffles and other healthy snacks! haha! It was amazing needless to say. Then I freaking passed out because, unfortunately, I too am a Pansy. . .:(

We met a very interesting Maintenance guy at our hotel. He told us that most people in Gainesville have AIDS. . .no sex for us in Gainesville. . .:( He also drove Brian and Matt to get Beers, and told us about Nude Beaches on the East coast of Florida, and when Matt locked the key to our room in our room, he let us back in. Does anyone know if there really are squirrels the size of house cats in Florida? that seems pretty cuhrazy to me/ I didn't see any, but I have only been in Gainesville so far.

Anyway, We got a DVD recording of our first show last night too! Which was really fun dispite the extremely small crowd and the fact that we were VERY much out of our element. I felt like I was back in my old Death Metal Days with the bands we were playing with. I liked them! HA! The guys at The Back Stage Lounge were really cool, as well as the guys in the other bands! Juat because you are in a Metal band doesn't mean you're a jerk you know!? Thanks for the fun times guys! We hope to see our new friends from FEFF in New York when we make our way over there!

Anyway, I will be writing more in the days to come, so stay tuned guys! I will RETURN!! Hope you enjoy reading!

~Peace, Love, and Good Vibrations~


Monday, June 22, 2009

Updates :)

Soooooo... we are off the ground and running with Andy throwing down percussion and it couldn't sound better! He just got his congas a few short weeks ago and it already killin em. We have four shows this week, and a night in the studio tomorrow. BUSY BUSY BUSY! I don't know of any other bands that are out working it five nights a week! This should be our last recording session, which means all we have left is mixing and mastering through to the finished product! We are SUPER excited to be finished with it, and can't wait to show you guys what we have been up to since SEPTEMBER LAST YEAR!

Just thought I would let you know :)
Abe J. Shanehsaz

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Addition


We have finally found an official fourth member to The Post Script!!! After a long, tedious search, we finally found the perfect player to fill in the gaps for our sound!! Andy "Drumschlag" Rumschlag is going to be occupying the fourth hot seat in the band, and we are EXTREMELY excited about it!! Stay tuned for video coming soon of our first show with Andy at The Rock Lobster last Thursday. I promise you won't be dissapointed. :)

Abe J. Shanehsaz

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Day At The Track


What a great day. Two days ago, we opened for The Plain White T's at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. That day has easily taken the cake for the best show I have EVER been a part of. Everything blew my mind. From the get go, people I didn't know where wearing "Post Script" t-shirts, and swaying their arms and singing along. INCREDIBLE. I have NEVER felt a rush like this. I have played big shows before, but never for 1000+ people who were so involved in what we were doing. We were completely out of merch before we were even done playing! And after the show, it took us 45 minutes to sign autographs and take pictures with everyone who wanted them! INCREDIBLE. I have never felt so appreciated for the hard work, blood, sweat, and tears that we have poured into this band. If you were at the track last weekend... thank you so much... for you truely made every second hard work worth it. I can't even begin to express the gratitude I feel for all of you.

Also, Scotty Davis. You are the man. Scotty is the personality of the Radio Now 100.9 morning show, and one of the coolest dudes I have ever met. As a drummer, we talked shop about our favorite players and what kind of kits he has owned. The Post Script did their first on-air interview (30 seconds!!! WOOO!!!), and just hung out with everyone from Radio Now. Great people.

And thats before we even started talking with The Plain White T's!! I only had a chance to talk with Tim and Dave (the two guitar players) but they both surprised me with how down to earth and normal they were:) They thought of themselves as just a group of dudes playing music, just like us. I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to just talk to them about music, and what they were up to, and how their tour had gone. They were surprised that they got some sunshine! Dave said they almost always get rained on at outdoor gigs!! =P

At the end of the day on Saturday it was all I could do to pass out from exhaustion. After one of the best days of my life, it was hard to go back to mowing grass at my parents' house on Sunday :) But the program director at Radio Now said we would definitely be doing more of their events this summer... so keep your ears open for more great shows!!!

As always, thank you so much for reading, listening, and being there for us.

Peace, Love, and Good Vibrations-
Abe J. Shanehsaz

Friday, April 10, 2009

Today's Thoughts

hey all,

I just wanted to take a moment and thank Pierce, John, and Nick for jamming with us last weekend at the Vollrath. Also, Dunk Nasty J and G-Rat... the show couldn't have gone on without you. In lue of all the fun we had... we are brining John back with us this weekend to Depauw for Derby Days, and doing all we can to make him a permanent member of The Post Script society. :)

Today's thought: Where would we be without our closest friends?

Abe J.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Homecoming Show

Hey everyone,

This is abe and I would just like to thank everyone who came out to Ben n Ari's and made last night an absolute blast. We had a great time and we truely owe it to you all. The vibe was great, and I loved being back at the venue where I've played enough times to truely call it home.

See you next week at the Vollrath.

Peace, Love, And Good Vibrations~


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Update from the road number 2

Yo guys,

Blain here again, just chillin in the van beside abe, We are on our way through the central western portion of Florida right now, about to go into Tampa. This is the first day so far that our entire trip has not been totally engulfed in a rain storm. It has been beautiful and sunny, which is good for those 8 hour drives.

The last few days have been a rainy mess, but we have been having our fair share of fun, for sure. We met some cool people in New Orleans on Sunday and subsequently rocked the roof off of the Bank Street Bar. Our new friends we made took us out to enjoy a night on the french quarter, which at 2 A.M. on a sunday closely resembles a ghost town of sorts, but everything is still open, so that was pretty sweet. We were supposed to play at this CD shop in town earlier in the day to promote our show that night, but, interestingly enough, they had a band in doing an instore the night before and apparently lost about half of their inventory, a likely story. HA!

The previous night we rocked out in Pensacola and it was intense for the pure fact that Abe and I had not slept in 48 hours and now had to play a 4 hour show. A few drinks or so took care of our lack of enthusiasm at the impending performance and we hit the stage. Honeslty this was the smallest stage a band has ever been asked to play on. I hit matt in the head with my bass at least twice, and I swear you could smell the alcohol on the breath of every person in front of the stage, these were some intense 40 plus suburban Gangstas getting down the the fresh sounds of our man Susiedapter the Siren Scratcher on the one and ones. I think one couple tried to dance swing to Same ole' emotion, which really, sorry folks, just isn't going to happen.

So those are really the two shows we have played thus far, it is strange to think that we have done so much and the tour isn't half over until we get back from this trip tomorrow and play another show at the dizzy bean coffee shop in Gulf Shores. We'll be sippin' coffee on the beach playing acoustic guitar and doing our best to beg for money to pay for the rest of this damned tour!! Does anyone want to send some cash our way? $50, 000.00 would sure be great right now. Just please remember to make all checks payable to "The Post Script." Though we do prefer Cash Moneys :)

Quick shout out to everyone who has been enjoying the beautiful weather back in Indiana, YOU'RE ALL ASSHOLES!! This was our chance to go south and call you all to make you feel like we are in the most beautiful sunny weather ever, not the opposite!! lol At least Tampa is lovely today anyway. We miss you all, Check the site, we will be back in town soon with PLENTY of upcoming shows for or friends to get their Post Script Fix. Until then, anyone feel free to call us, email us, or stay in touch with us through our Myspace or facebook.

Phone: 1-765-480-0352

Drop us a line, wish us luck, or get an update to see when we will be playing in a town near you!! We are on the road, loving it, and thinking that maybe another tour, or 2, or 50 is just what be in the future for us.

Peace out Everyone,


P.S. We are making a video of this entire trip and will hopefully package it and make it available for everyone to get a hold of. So far we have not only the antics of downtime with The Post Script, but, also some pretty bad ass live recordings from our last show.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Tour, First Day

hello everyone,

This is Blain, We have just started filming this tour!! We are in Indiana on route to Pensacola Florida With our good friends Brian and Zach. We are looking forward to a nice vigorous tour of 9 shows in 7 days, the first of which was last night at the E.S. Jungle in Broadripple, IN. . .which is our home town really, but, I do feel the urge to label the state since we will be out of the state in just a bit over an hour. Thankyou to everyone who came out to see us off. It was a great night full of great art and music for sure!

So, we just got our speakers fixed up by the great Kevin Silva and we have a fully loaded van of musical equipment, luggage, and 5 men who claim to know what they are doing on this cazy little excursion. So far we have had to Duck tape some lights on our van so that they would stop flashing on and off, the GPS system is falling off of the windsheild at an alarming rate, and Matt has lost his phone, wait. . .YES! He found it. Clutch.

so anyway. . .Abe is our driver I am riding shotgun, and matt, Brian, and Zach are packed like sardines in the back, tired, quiet, and quite motionless. . .so, as of now that is the extent of our journey. I will keep everyone posted on here throughout and hope that we will has some exciting stories to tell you all soon.