The Post Script

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Homecoming Show

Hey everyone,

This is abe and I would just like to thank everyone who came out to Ben n Ari's and made last night an absolute blast. We had a great time and we truely owe it to you all. The vibe was great, and I loved being back at the venue where I've played enough times to truely call it home.

See you next week at the Vollrath.

Peace, Love, And Good Vibrations~


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Update from the road number 2

Yo guys,

Blain here again, just chillin in the van beside abe, We are on our way through the central western portion of Florida right now, about to go into Tampa. This is the first day so far that our entire trip has not been totally engulfed in a rain storm. It has been beautiful and sunny, which is good for those 8 hour drives.

The last few days have been a rainy mess, but we have been having our fair share of fun, for sure. We met some cool people in New Orleans on Sunday and subsequently rocked the roof off of the Bank Street Bar. Our new friends we made took us out to enjoy a night on the french quarter, which at 2 A.M. on a sunday closely resembles a ghost town of sorts, but everything is still open, so that was pretty sweet. We were supposed to play at this CD shop in town earlier in the day to promote our show that night, but, interestingly enough, they had a band in doing an instore the night before and apparently lost about half of their inventory, a likely story. HA!

The previous night we rocked out in Pensacola and it was intense for the pure fact that Abe and I had not slept in 48 hours and now had to play a 4 hour show. A few drinks or so took care of our lack of enthusiasm at the impending performance and we hit the stage. Honeslty this was the smallest stage a band has ever been asked to play on. I hit matt in the head with my bass at least twice, and I swear you could smell the alcohol on the breath of every person in front of the stage, these were some intense 40 plus suburban Gangstas getting down the the fresh sounds of our man Susiedapter the Siren Scratcher on the one and ones. I think one couple tried to dance swing to Same ole' emotion, which really, sorry folks, just isn't going to happen.

So those are really the two shows we have played thus far, it is strange to think that we have done so much and the tour isn't half over until we get back from this trip tomorrow and play another show at the dizzy bean coffee shop in Gulf Shores. We'll be sippin' coffee on the beach playing acoustic guitar and doing our best to beg for money to pay for the rest of this damned tour!! Does anyone want to send some cash our way? $50, 000.00 would sure be great right now. Just please remember to make all checks payable to "The Post Script." Though we do prefer Cash Moneys :)

Quick shout out to everyone who has been enjoying the beautiful weather back in Indiana, YOU'RE ALL ASSHOLES!! This was our chance to go south and call you all to make you feel like we are in the most beautiful sunny weather ever, not the opposite!! lol At least Tampa is lovely today anyway. We miss you all, Check the site, we will be back in town soon with PLENTY of upcoming shows for or friends to get their Post Script Fix. Until then, anyone feel free to call us, email us, or stay in touch with us through our Myspace or facebook.

Phone: 1-765-480-0352

Drop us a line, wish us luck, or get an update to see when we will be playing in a town near you!! We are on the road, loving it, and thinking that maybe another tour, or 2, or 50 is just what be in the future for us.

Peace out Everyone,


P.S. We are making a video of this entire trip and will hopefully package it and make it available for everyone to get a hold of. So far we have not only the antics of downtime with The Post Script, but, also some pretty bad ass live recordings from our last show.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Tour, First Day

hello everyone,

This is Blain, We have just started filming this tour!! We are in Indiana on route to Pensacola Florida With our good friends Brian and Zach. We are looking forward to a nice vigorous tour of 9 shows in 7 days, the first of which was last night at the E.S. Jungle in Broadripple, IN. . .which is our home town really, but, I do feel the urge to label the state since we will be out of the state in just a bit over an hour. Thankyou to everyone who came out to see us off. It was a great night full of great art and music for sure!

So, we just got our speakers fixed up by the great Kevin Silva and we have a fully loaded van of musical equipment, luggage, and 5 men who claim to know what they are doing on this cazy little excursion. So far we have had to Duck tape some lights on our van so that they would stop flashing on and off, the GPS system is falling off of the windsheild at an alarming rate, and Matt has lost his phone, wait. . .YES! He found it. Clutch.

so anyway. . .Abe is our driver I am riding shotgun, and matt, Brian, and Zach are packed like sardines in the back, tired, quiet, and quite motionless. . .so, as of now that is the extent of our journey. I will keep everyone posted on here throughout and hope that we will has some exciting stories to tell you all soon.