The Post Script

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Westfield Rocks The 4th Victory!!

Hey all,

As many of you may have seen on facebook and twitter, we have been crowned the Westfield Rocks the 4th Battle of the Bands champions! Sooooooo, we won a bunch of cash and some recording time at one of Indy's best studios... The Lodge. Long story short, now we can afford to fix our poor Suzy (the van) and get some AWESOME merch for you all to enjoy :)

We would LOVE to thank everyone who helped with the Westfield battle for making this possible for us, Kathy especially! Also a special shout out to Adam Ritz, Mark LaBarr, and all the other judges!

We now have the honor of passing the torch next year and playing as a headliner at the 4th of July celebration of 2011! Also, we will be headlining at NUMA, a arts festival held in westfield! Check out our Facebook page soon for more details!