The Post Script

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Money Situation...

Well its never fun to say...

But it would appear that Suzanna (the vanna) has seen better days. She wouldn't start this morning, and I fear the worst. I am afraid she might need more work under the hood, and can't bear the thought of not driving her until it gets warmer. Keep poor Suzanna in your prayers.


Monday, December 21, 2009



So it has been a very hot minute since we have written anything on here!

First and foremost, the album is finished, mastered, and we are raising money to duplicate it! As soon as we have about $2,000 we will be able to press em' and get them out to you!!!!

Second... Suzanna (the van) is in sour shape. The timing belt squeals, she's eating coolant, and we just had to replace the front brake pads and calipers. Also... she's been having some transmission slips! We are waiting to fix everything until after the album is done, so pray that she survives!

Finally, we are starting up a new year with lots of plans :) Now that the album is done, we plan to be playing in a town near you much more often!

I guarantee I forgot a lot of stuff, but don't you worry, I'll be back soon to fill you in.